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I like to start things—often through my voice and words; sometimes by convening like-minded people; always with the ambition to make things better; never entirely sure what I’ll do next.

I am a Fellow of the Oxford Martin School and have a doctorate in politics from the University of Oxford. My academic work aims to map the ever-evolving political values of China’s emerging middle class. I lived in China for several years, speak Mandarin, and irregularly contribute op-eds to, one of China’s top-ranked news magazines.

Looking back for a moment, I have been a two-time Governor General’s Medallist, a Sauvé Fellow and Commonwealth Scholar, and a former consultant with the Boston Consulting Group, and entrepreneur.

Born in Saskatchewan, on the Canadian Prairies, I am (rather incongruously) an avid rower and rowing coach. (I lived in Australia and New Zealand for several years, and still cannot surf.) These days I divide my time between London, Beijing and Regina.

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Politics of China

I map and track the political thinking of China’s emerging middle class. I’ve found it to be surprisingly diverse, which makes me curious about how a one-party state governs a vast society full of different viewpoints on some pretty big questions. Plus, it matters to all of us.


My work on China has led me to explore migration, especially among wealthy elites in developing countries. Is a new norm of “economic citizenship” emerging?


Can the wisdom we gain through simple games help us to navigate a tangled 21st century?