CTV National News interview: A Canadian author predicted Brexit

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“The Protestant Reformation, you know, breaking Europe up religiously and politically, it was catastrophic in a number of ways,” the University of Oxford scholar said.

“There was a silver lining, which is that people suddenly realized in Rome and in other European capitals that this monolithic institution that they had always grown up with, and whose problems they felt were simply too great to be dealt with, could be radically reshaped.”
Despite the tumult across the Atlantic, Kutarna believes that the European Union will continue to exist – and thrive.

“I think people waking up this morning in the capitals of Europe, one thing they absolutely do believe now is that the EU can be radically reshaped,” he said. “A lot of people still believe that there are positives to be pulled out of a connected and open Europe and it’s up to them now to demonstrate to the wider European public that those positives are going to reach them.” (full article…)

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