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800-CEO-READ, a leading online retailer of business and other nonfiction books, has selected Age of Discovery for its latest giveaway promotion. Age of Discovery “is a brilliant, “big-think” read of serious scholarship and keen observation of our present moment. It is a prescient warning, a call to action to the better angels of our nature, and a map for a new age of discovery.” (Read full review…)

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We recently held a gathering on Necker Island all about disrupting for good, a topic close to our hearts at Virgin Unite. I believe that the best way we can make a positive difference in the world is by working together to change the status quo and change business for good.

My co-author, Ian Goldin, was there to spread the lessons from Age of Discovery. Thanks Richard for helping spread the message far and wide!

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“The Formula for Genius”

An excerpt of my new book Age of Discovery was selected for print in The History Reader.

A flourishing of genius like that of Copernicus does not just “happen.” It arises as a result of specific social and intellectual conditions that enable creativity to shine forth. Why did genius shine so spectacularly during the Renaissance? And why is it happening now? (Read more…)


Age of Discovery is an important book in a time where the world is dividing and retreating. Ian and Chris take us on a powerful journey…This book will help the world courageously realize the opportunities ahead of us. Sir Richard Branson

Founder, Virgin Group

Age of Discovery is an essential guide—and a superb ride—through our current stormy moment. In their timely and lively book, Ian and Chris chart a course to a new golden age of human creativity, ingenuity and potential. Arianna Huffington

Editor-in-Chief, The Huffington Post

In an age of quick and often simplistic analysis, Ian and Chris paint a rich and instructive portrait of our current moment. Age of Discovery offers essential insights for all of us—including for every emerging Michelangelo and da Vinci. Reid Hoffman

Founder and Chairman, LinkedIn

Age of Discovery is a much needed dose of perspective in our increasingly short-term focused world.

Dominic Barton

Global Managing Director, McKinsey & Co

There are many things to admire in this wonderful book. The Renaissance brought a crescendo of new ideas in the full range of human endeavor, and with them a century of transformational change. It also brought interdependence, risk, instability, confusion and fear. The present age feels similar. Everyone should read it. Michael Spence

Nobel Laureate in Economics

Age of Discovery identifies the pivotal choices we all face, and issues a call to action that we all need to hear. Kumi Naidoo

International Executive Director, Greenpeace

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