Renaissance Summit Series: Toronto

November 15, 2018, Toronto

Find new allies. Accelerate your agenda. Transform the world.

Calling All Pathfinders

We’re living through a historic moment. A Renaissance moment. One that calls upon us to think and act in brave new ways—while also integrating the wisdom of history.

The Summit is an enabling environment. It aims to get you together in a room with fellow pathfinders—explorers, instigators, creators and thought leaders—amongst whom you can find new allies, have inspired conversations and clarify bold actions. The day is designed to help you push your agenda forward, and to surprise you into finding new directions and connections.

The Canadian Context

Canada, too, is poised to make history—or to watch it be made by others. A rich population that both celebrates humanity’s diversity and struggles to see beyond what America is doing. A business sector that both aspires to global leadership in e-commerce and AI, and remains driven by resource exports. A political sphere that ping-pongs between nation-building and provincial division.

The absence or flourishing of courageous, audacious leadership will decide which traits dominate Canada’s next decade.

Join Sixty Peers

Jennifer Correiro

Jennifer Correiro

Founder, Taking IT Global

Hamoon Ekhtiari

Hamoon Ekhtiari

CEO, Audacious Futures

Prof. Sylvie Albert

Prof. Sylvie Albert

Past Dean of Business, University of Winnipeg

Andrew Cohen

Andrew Cohen

Journalist, Author

Alex Jadad

Alex Jadad

Director, Global Health Institute, U of T

Marjorie Brans

Marjorie Brans

Managing Director, School of Social Entrepreneurs

Darin Graham

Darin Graham

Co-Founder, Vector Institute

Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson

Actor, Singer


…In Eight Inspired Expeditions

Rethinking Wealth

Millennials and women will inherit $70 Trillion in wealth over the next thirty years. Values are shifting, and our whole economic system might shift with them. But financial literacy is falling. What is the new world of wealth, and how do we get there?

Rethinking Health & Well-Being

Life expectancy is rocketing. Fertility is plummeting. We’re aging fast. Medicine is unlocking the mysteries of cancer, yet 2017/18 was the worst flu season in a decade.

Are “health” and “well-being” professional diagnoses? Or are they personal abilities that we can strengthen—even as we suffer chronic or terminal diseases? How do we achieve a pandemic of health?

Rethinking Cities 

Most urban environments were designed and built in the Industrial Age, for the Industrial Age. As we race into the Knowledge Age, how much of our cities do we keep—and how much do we raze and rebuild?


Rethinking Work

The gig economy is the economy. The future of work is the future of freelancing. Hierarchy, status, security and identity are all impacted.

Traditional jobs are disappearing. Robots are stealing the rest. AI promises to free us from drudgery whether we want that or not. How do we build the new world of work—and how do we reimagine the role of work in our lives and communities? 

Rethinking Art & Culture

Traditional patterns and habits of community, identity, experience and memory are being broken. New patterns are being born. How can artists help hold a mirror to this Age of ‘Disruption’? How can artists help reinvent the Old World virtues that are slipping away?

Rethinking Business

First it was “shareholders.” Then “stakeholders.” Now it’s “society.” The circle of concern to which businesses need to be accountable keeps getting wider. Is it just good PR, or is it good strategy?

The average life of a corporation has fallen from 75 years to just 10. How do corporations thrive in the New World? How do small businesses thrive in a digital economy where only the Big survive?

Rethinking Education

Lectures are the worst way to learn—but, in an analog world, also the most efficient way to teach.

In a digital world, the classroom paradigm is broken. Will the gig economy also destroy degrees and diplomas? How do educators keep up with ever-shifting hard- and soft-skills that society demands? And how do we, the learners?

Rethinking Spirituality

Society is convulsing. Ethics. Civility. Truth. Values. As our politics, technology, economy, demographics and culture shift, these words become the flags around which we rally.

The individual is convulsing. Selfies flood our smartphones. So do meditation apps.

Is the right way through this storm to double down on Enlightenment values—reason, rationality, discovery—or to try to reintegrate magic and myth into our sense of self and society?

Impactful Dialogue By Design


Each Topic Table is anchored by a Host who has already set off on a major expedition to transform their field.


Each Table conversation begins online one month prior to the Summit and arrives with a shared starting point.


The day flows from diagnosis, to options, to actions, and alternates between focusing and integrating Table conversations.


The participants own the Summit and its outcomes. Facilitators re-rig in realtime to help reach unexpected, inspired destinations.


The Summit is each participant’s invitation into a growing, global conversation of loosely networked pathfinders.

For Privacy’s Sake

The Summit venue, in the heart of downtown Toronto, will be revealed to selected participants in October, 2018.

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