• London Speaker Bureau recognizes Dr. Chris Kutarna as a Global Top Ten Speaker on the Future Of Work in 2018.
  • Financial Times ranks Oxford Saïd Business School’s executive education #2 in the world in 2018, ahead of Harvard and behind only IMD. Dr. Kutarna is the lead-off faculty for 2 of the 3 programs included in the ranking.

In a world quickly spinning out of control, Dr. Chris Kutarna is a lone point of balance and clarity. Chris rips up the outdated mental maps that have served us so poorly in recent years—maps that led us to think that Brexit was impossible, that Trump was unelectable, that globalization was irreversible, that China’s democratization was inevitable, that facts were incontrovertible.

Chris draws a fresh map—one that describes the new world we’re in now—so that you, your organization, your profession or industry or country, can captain humanity’s voyage to a second Renaissance.

In his best-selling debut book, Age of Discovery (with Ian Goldin), he drew upon Renaissance wisdom to predict both Brexit and Trump. Now, Chris helps audiences everywhere to take a deep breath, take a step back, and make sense of the time we live in.

The world always makes sense. But it doesn’t always make sense to us. Shock, confusion, disruption: these emotions, which we experience almost daily in every field and industry, are personal proof that whatever map we’ve been navigating by no longer shows the world as it really is.

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Education in the Second Renaissance

In the first Age of Discovery, the captains of ships, of industry, of politics and science had to make new maps to navigate a new and treacherous human condition. Gutenberg’s printing press fueled an information revolution and populist bonfires. Columbus and Magellan globalized European exploration and spread pandemics. A new economic and military power, relegated to the margins of world affairs, suddenly claimed center stage. And science put into human hands powers that had only ever belonged to god.

A new Age of Discovery is upon us. All the signs—social media, populism, globalization, the rise of China, AI, genetic modification and more—herald its arrival. To make sense of it, we urgently need a new set of maps. Chris tears up the outdated mental maps that have served us so poorly in recent years. He tears up the unconscious biases that obscure our understanding of present political, economic, technological and social trends.

And then he draws on a fresh canvas a fresh vision of you, of your organization, of your profession or industry or country, as captain on a voyage to humanity’s second Renaissance.

“Supercalifragilisticexpidélicieux! Everyone was really energized and wanted to get to work immediately to create a tremendous movement inside IKEA.”

Jonas Eklöf
Leadership Development, IKEA



 “In everyday life, we are often too busy running around and worrying about small details. Listening to Chris, you suddenly get lifted above all of that with your mind to suddenly see something much larger and as a whole, which is so important.”
– British Chamber of Commerce, Lithuania

“I absolutely got what I was hoping for. Thank you so much. “
-CEO, POWERCO of New Zealand


“Chris was an absolute rock star. We all expected an outstanding event and he delivered so much more. Chris was the perfect combination of authentic, provocative, fun, deeply knowledgeable with personal warmth. “
State Library Victoria


A massive THANK YOU for being such a fantastic speaker, and for adding so much to this year’s Future of Work Program. It was real pressure to not only work with you, but also to meet you in person. Thank you for sharing your time and experience with our delegates, I’ve seen a lot of photos of you engaging with the audience post-keynote!”
Centre for Workplace Leadership, Melbourne, Australia.



“Chris opened our minds. “
John Gibbs 
Group CIO, Rolls-Royce Plc.


“Polished, charming and totally accessible.
Zev Siegl Co-Founder, Starbucks


“Chris astonishes. A case of style and substance in equal measure.”
Abu Dhabi Investment Authority


“Outstanding. Rich. Relevant. Unique.”
Ellen MacArthur Foundation


“A high-wire act, which succeeds through the tempered force of eloquence and erudition.”
Roy Green
Dean, University of Technology Sydney Business School


Cannes, 2017.

“Wonderful. Insightful. Humorous. Topical—and out of the realm of our normal addresses. I cannot recommend you enough to other groups. You were even more than I had hoped for. We are lucky that you are willing to spend time starting dialogues about how to predict the changes we may see. You made an impact.”
Rae McQuade
President, North American Energy Standards Board


“All the qualities you hope for when trying to wow your audience. Erudite and dynamic. As entertaining as he is informative.
Truly, truly facinating.”
International Luxury Travel Association


“Shines a ray of light.”
Royal Geographical Society

London, 2017.

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