Chris opened our minds.

Rolls Royce Plc

Group CIO

Chris astonishes.

Abu Dhabi Investment Authority

A high-wire act.

UTS Business School, Sydney

Shines a ray of light.

Royal Geographical Society

Sample Topics

How To See The Present

The world always makes sense. It’s our lens for looking at it that’s flawed. We need to shatter that lens—and grind for ourselves a very different way of seeing the world.

Making New Maps

Our ways of seeing the world can warp, rather than clarify, the risks and rewards that our rapidly changing world presents.To navigate successfully, businesses, organizations and policy makers need to draw new cognitive maps.

How To See The Future

I explode two myths that commonly cloud our foresight: that the future is linear, and that technology will save us. What’s left is a simple, powerful truth…

Finding Florence

In a digital age, where we locate our creative efforts is the first strategic decision we must make. Those who understand this paradox will become the Michelangelos and da Vincis of this Second Renaissance.

Leadership In The 2nd Renaissance

In an Age of Discovery, there are no passengers. There are only pilots, struggling to steer the ship. The wisdom of history can be our compass, if we choose to receive it.

Our Copernican Moment

Insecurity, personal and social, is spiking. This isn’t shocking. It’s normal—when prevailing paradigms shift.


In this crazy age when many of us feel we are blinking into the darkness of a world that we no longer understand, Chris shines a valuable ray of light. Spiking heavy thinking with a large dram of humour, he provided a most engaging and enjoyable talk—and provoked a great deal of searching questions from the audience.”


Royal Geographical Society

Chris astonishes. Not only with the way he delivers his thoughts, but also with the quality of their content and their relevance to the challenges modern society faces. A case of style and substance in equal measure.

Abu Dhabi Investment Authority

Chris fascinated our policy advocates and a group of our clients from many industries. Our audience was deeply engaged and sent me feedback after the event that consistently stated that it was a stimulating and thought-provoking experience, and that they would like to be included in any future events of this caliber that SIGNAL could produce.



Chris’s account of our “Age of Discovery” is a high-wire act, which succeeds through the tempered force of eloquence and erudition.


UTS Business School, Sydney

Chris opened our minds. The feedback on his presentation and style was excellent. Every person I spoke to was able to talk about several or all aspects of the presentation with real intensity and he triggered members of my team to reignite their interests in a wide range of topics.

Rolls Royce Plc

Group CIO

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