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Hailed as better Sunday reading than the New York Times, Chris’ essays offer analysis, insight and thoughtful questions into the big, heady topics making headlines today.

Let Social Media Run Amok

Last week, executives from Facebook, Google and Twitter appeared together before the U.S. Congress. Senators grilled them about Russia’s ongoing use of their social media platforms to influence U.S. public

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Does Democracy Still Work?

As you know, I like to talk about our collective need to “make new maps” to better navigate this age we live. Another way to think about this same need

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Questing for Economic Utopia (Part 2)

Society does not serve the economy. The economy serves society. That seems obvious, and yet core to redrawing the maps that guide us toward “prosperity”. The first Renaissance proved powerfully

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Mundus Novus

I hope everyone had a great summer (or winter, depending on your hemisphere). It was a busy few months of writing, researching, travel, reflecting and speaking for me. A common

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Civilization Starts Now

For months now, I’ve been trading letters with Doug Robertson, author of two impactful books in the philosophy of science: The New Renaissance: Computers and the Next Level of Civilization

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Grinding a New Lens

The world always makes sense. But it doesn’t always make sense to us. Shock—a seemingly relentless theme nowadays—is personal proof that whatever lens we’ve been looking through to see the world

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