Inspire a Renaissance in Your Organization

Disruptive Change Workshops with Chris Kutarna and Thomas Hawighorst


We live in an age of transformation—of change that demands organizations’ full attention.

In opposite directions. 


From macro doubts (Are we solving the right problem?) to micro fears (Do we have the right culture, people and competencies for the future?). The task of leadership in large companies has never been tougher: to navigate the paradox between a rapidly changing world and an organization that, by definition, exists as an island of order and routine and optimization.

In a unique back-and-forth combo of keynote and masterclass, Chris Kutarna partners with Thomas Hawighorst (former Associate Partner, McKinsey & Co, and senior HR executive at Shell and Oracle) to help leaders across your organization to make sense of the macro shifts and learn how to create positive, disruptive change.

Create disruptive change in your organization

This workshop covers 3 critical parts:
How do you develop game changing ideas that have a profound impact or solve a profound problem?
How do you start a movement and gain followers?
How will you manage your energy to maintain positive spirit as you work to get people onboard?


Chris Kutarna

Chris is the international best-selling author of Age of Discovery, Navigating the Storms of our Second Renaissance. He is a two-time Governor General’s Medalist, a Sauvé Fellow and Commonwealth Scholar, and a Fellow of the Oxford Martin School with a doctorate in politics from the University of Oxford. His focus is on asking thought provoking questions to challenge traditional structures and inspire people to quest together to a better, more beautiful world.

Thomas Hawighorst

Thomas is a leading practitioner and trusted advisor to senior executives of Fortune 500 companies on the topics of transformational change, leadership and team effectiveness. He serves C-suite leaders on their most pressing organization and transformation issues
His focus is on helping business leaders increase their impact with practical expertise as well as proven tools and methodologies.


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