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Dr. Chris Kutarna is a regular guest on the BBC, CBC, and TV, radio, print and social media on four continents. C-suite decision makers love his mental map-making skills; anxious citizens love his clarifying, calming speech.

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New Zealand Native Know-how Lauded for Big Business

China Outmaneuvers Trump On North Korea (TV Interview, CBC’s The Weekly With Wendy Mesley)

Five Books To Help Young Adults Navigate The Future (Interview, Five Books)

Why The Renaissance Explains Our Digital Age (Podcast, The Octavian Report)

Could Our Time Be A New Renaissance? (Interview, Jefferson Public Radio)

Fireside with Chris Kutarna (Podcast, Give and Take on

Who are the Columbus, Copernicus and Gutenberg of Today? (Podcast, Mid-Atlantic with Roifield Brown)

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CBC's The Current

What The Renaissance Can Teach Us About Our Disruptive Age

Give & Take With Scott Jones

Fireside On The Future

KABC's McIntyre In The Morning

Launching An American Renaissance

CBC's The Current

We Need To Let Social Media Run Amok

PRI's Innovation Hub

This Is Our Copernican Moment

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Are We Living Through A Second Rennaissance

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TIME Magazine

Hillary Is America’s Machiavelli

TIME MagazineVogue

Why It’s The Best Time To Be Alive

The Guardian

We’re Living In An Age Full Of  Possibilities. Why Do So Many Feel Like Losers?

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Who are the Columbus, Copernicus and Gutenberg of Today? (Podcast, Mid-Atlantic with Roifield Brown)

Could Our Time Be A New Renaissance? (Interview, Jefferson Public Radio)

Fireside with Chris Kutarna (Podcast, Give and Take on

Relearning The Game Of Politics For The Digital Age (Interview, Steele & Ungar, Sirius.XM)

The Limitations of Steven Pinker’s Optimism (Op-ed, Nature)

Conquering Complexity (Op-ed, IMF Finance & Development Magazine)

In Developing Countries, Energy = Education (Op-ed, Brink)

Should the UK Walk China’s ‘One Belt One Road’? (Video, RT)

2017 Was the Year of Gawk, Says Oxford Scholar (Article, CBC News)

Making Sense of Davos (Op-ed, The Globalist)

How Do We Solve a Problem Like the Future? (Article, Australian Financial Review)

Predicting the Year Ahead (Video, CBC News)

Why Donald Trump is a Second Savonarola (Op-ed, Irish Times)

Trump’s New Gospel of Populism (Op-ed, The Globalist)

Aussie Flu Will Strike Hard, Warns Scholar (Article, Daily Mail)

How to Foresee the Next Public Health Shock (Article, CBC News)

Past Media


Hillary Is America’s Machiavelli (TIME Magazine)

2017: Why It’s (Still) The Best Time To Be Alive (Vogue, cover story)

We Live In An Age Full Of Possibility. Why Do So Many Feel Like Losers? (The Guardian)

The Historic Moment We’re In—Again (The Huffington Post, front page)

If History Repeats, Trump’s Bonfire Of Vanity Will End Like This…” (The Huffington Post, front page)

There’s Never Been A Better Time To Be Alive. So Why The Globalization Backlash? (World Economic Forum)

Pessimism Is Rife, Optimism Naïve. Activism Is The Best Tool For Now (The Conversation)

Risk Through A Renaissance Lens (The Globalist)

Our Michelangelo Moment (Irish Times)

In An Age Of Discovery, It Takes Real Guts To Be Optimistic (Huffington Post, front page)

Economic Progress: Dismal and Dazzling ( VOX Centre for Economic Policy Research)

History Told Us Not To Ignore How Furious People Are At The Elite – But We Didn’t Learn (International Business Times)

Trade and the Second Renaissance (WITA – America’s 21st Century Trade Policy)


Trump As Ultimate Political Disruptor (CBC The Current

Two-On-One With Steve Bannon (Breitbart)

One Of The Best Conversations We’ve Had On This Show All Year. (Steele & Ungar, SiriusXM)

Are We Living Through A New Renaissance? (ABC Saturday Extra)

Will Our Economic Future Be Dismal Or Dazzling? (American Enterprise Institute)

Your Book Completely Blows My Mind.” (Tell Me Everything‘ with John Fugelsang on Sirius/XM)

Important. Powerful. (FutureSquared)

The Important Takeaway, Given Recent Shock Events, Is That We D0 Need To Take A Step Back And Stretch Our  Imagination Somehow… (UTS Business School, Sydney)

The Best Book I’ve Read In The Past 5 Years… (

Regina Writer Finds Hope In Time of Tumult… (CBC Radio)

Brexit Vote May Have Silver Lining (CBC Radio)

Australia in the Age of Discovery: Navigating New Risks And Opportunities (Grattan Institute of Australia)


Another Age Of Discovery (New York Times, Tom Friedman Op-Ed)

Shift Happens – Disruption In Business (Lifehacker)

How Looking Back Will Help Us Predict And Prepare For The Future (Lifehacker)

The Second Renaissance Will Be Digitised (Financial Times)

The Hail Mary Gamble Of Voting For Trump (The Washington Post)

Turning Tech Into A God Is Seriously Bad News (New Scientist)

History May Be Repeating Itself (Scientific American)

The Rise Of The Contrarian (Elle Magazine UK)

To Explain This Week’s Brexit Bombshell, Chris Kutarna Relates A Story From 500 Years Ago (Leader-Post)

Despite Turmoil, We’re Living In Second Renaissance (CBC News)

Gutenberg Vs. The Internet (CBC, infographic)

Civility The Glue That Can Help Society During Trump Era (CBC Morning Edition)


How About A Great Acceleration? Why The Returns To Technological Innovation May Not Be Diminishing After All (American Enterprise Institute)

Past Helps Us Understand Future (Shanghai Daily)

Wat De Renaissance Ons Leert Over Hedendaags Populisme (de Volkskrant or PDF) 


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