Age of Discovery: Navigating the storms of our second Renaissance​

An international best-selling guide to the 21st century by Chris Kutarna and Ian Goldin

Now is humanity’s best moment.

And our most fragile.​

Global health, wealth and education are booming. Scientific discovery is flourishing. But the same forces that make big gains possible for some of us deliver big losses to others—and tangle us together in ways that make everyone vulnerable.

We’ve been here before. The first Renaissance, the time of Columbus, Copernicus, Gutenberg and others, redrew all maps of the world, liberated information and shifted Western civilization from the medieval to the early modern era. Such change came at a price: social division, political extremism, economic shocks, pandemics and other unintended consequences of human endeavour.

Now is our second Renaissance. In the face of terrorism, Brexit, refugee crises and the global impact of a Trump presidency, we can flourish—if we heed the urgent lessons of history.

Age of Discovery shows us how.

"Another Age Of Discovery."
New York Times
Tom Friedman, Op-Ed

"Best Business Books of 2016."

"A 'bold mega-analysis of global education, health, prosperity and technology…Incisive and rich'."

"A landmark new book."
The Guardian

The Sunday Telegraph Best Books of the Week

"Far-sighted…Age of Discovery succeeds in convincing that this is an uncommonly interesting time to be alive, with unusual levels of promise–and peril."
Times Higher Education Supplement

"A lively account of both
Renaissance and modern history… Maybe someone should send Mr. Trump a copy of this book; it might yield some thought ­provoking tweets."
Financial Times

"The reader is left deeply grateful for the abundance of information, insights, and counsel that is provided in this book…"
San Francisco Review of Books

"If you read only one thing…"

"Your book completely blows my mind."
'Tell Me Everything' with John Fugelsang on Sirius/XM

"A highly stimulating, indeed challenging book."

"A 'Best Business Book of 2016'."
Mitch Joel (Six Pixels)

"Urgent reading everywhere."
Shanghai Review of Books

"A brilliant, 'big-think' read of serious scholarship and keen observation of our present moment. It is a prescient warning, a call to action to the better angels of our nature, and a map for a new age of discovery."


New Statesman

"This book will help the world."

"Thought-provoking and stimulating."
Irish Tech News

"Important. Powerful."

"Age of Discovery is an immense contribution to rethinking our epoch."
Cambridge Business Review

"Thought-provoking, big-picture take on our uncertain times."
Nexus Magazine

"Edifying and thoroughly entertaining."
Inside Higher Ed

"The best book I’ve read in the past 5 years…"

"Urgent and compelling."

"Charts the birth of a brave new world…Impressive."
Morning Star

Robert Covile praises
“scope and authority” of Age of Discovery
The Daily Telegraph

“A powerful journey…This book will help the world.”

Richard Branson

Founder, Virgin Group

Available in English, Taiwanese, Korean, Russian, German, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (Complex), Japanese, Italian, Slovak, and Portuguese.


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